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HTE-Equity Sourcing is one of the most sophisticated and experienced sourcing teams. We are a pioneer sourcing company specialized in promoting buy and build, buy and keep, as well as growth equity investment strategies. We employ a long-established strategy of sector-focused investing across all of our markets. The current 185 portfolio investors combine a total of over 350 platform entities, representing total sales of over €500bn and double-digit profit growth.
HTE-Equity Sourcing team foresees attractive investment opportunities and executes superior growth strategies in buy and build, buy and keep, growth investment strategies as well as in succession situations. We connect investors with entrepreneurial and innovative companies with growth ambitions.
When a company and an investor come to an agreement about future plans, the step that follows is the valuation of the company, based on the following due diligence:
  • Commercial (market and competition, business model, success factors)
  • Technical (products, services, technologies)
  • Financial (revenues, profit, EBITDA)
In all of these companies, we aim to create value by bringing in our operational skills, as well as by offering our international network and expertise built over the past decades.

Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people.

Meet the expert team.

Ana Kranjec
Mia Miller
Executive assistant
Petra M.Reiner
Sourcing Manager
Michael Markov
Sheila Pascual
BD manager
Igor Panjan
Victor Griban
Data Manager
Anna Friedrich
BD Manager